Every student in Levels 1 through 8 receives two written evaluations per year.  The evaluations will include information on the student’s technical development, attendance and deportment. In addition, each student will be invited to one meeting with his or her primary teacher and the student’s parent/guardian.

Parents of currently enrolled students in levels 1 though 6 may sign up now for evaluation meetings with their student's primary ballet teacher for the week of January 23rd. At least one parent should plan to attend with their child. If there is not a timeslot available for you, please call the School Office. 

Meeting's are scheduled through the online scheduling system, Pick-A-Time  (https://pickatime.com/client?ven=11608861)


Students in Levels 7 and 8 will sign up for meetings when they return to school on January 9. If parents wish to attend the meeting either in person or by phone, please contact Christina Rutter.  

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