2016 Summer Session

Enjoy beautiful, cosmopolitan San Francisco and study at the home of one of the world’s most respected ballet companies and schools.  

Join San Francisco Ballet School for a unique and challenging program individually suited to address the technical and artistic needs for both intermediate and advanced/pre-professional students.

Program 1 for Intermediate Students 

June 13- July 1 , 2016

This three week program will provide intermediate students the opportunity to improve skills and gain strength and is designed to give them a deeper understanding of ballet as an art form. The curriculum includes technique, pointe, batterie, and pas de deux classes. Additional classes may include repertoire, character dance, pantomime, and conditioning. 

Program 2 for Advanced/Pre-Professional Students 

July 11- August 5 , 2016

This four week program dedicated to advanced/pre-professional students is designed to explore the demands of a professional career, exposing them to the unique repertory of San Francisco Ballet. The curriculum includes technique, pointe, pas de deux, batterie and repertoire, and may include additional classes such as contemporary dance, acting, and conditioning (minimum of 15 classes weekly). 


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Background Photo Credit: San Francisco Ballet students (© Erik Tomasson)

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