Faculty and Staff

San Francisco Ballet School has long enjoyed a reputation for providing quality dance training. The staff includes a permanent faculty of men and women of very different backgrounds who have danced with such companies as American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, National Ballet of Cuba, The Joffrey Ballet, English National Ballet, Boston Ballet, National Ballet of Marseilles, Pennsylvania Ballet, and San Francisco Ballet. Together they work closely to achieve a unified style, one that can easily adapt to the demands of San Francisco Ballet or any other company. The faculty is frequently augmented by San Francisco Ballet Company members and artistic staff.

Helgi Tomasson
Patrick Armand
Associate Director
Patrick Armand

2015-2016 Visiting Guest Instructors

Jacqueline Barrett
Monique Loudieres
Yannick Boquin

2016 Summer Visiting Guest Instructors

Cynthia Harvey
Larisa Lezhnina


Jamie Narushchen, School Pianist Supervisor Lee R. Crews Endowed Pianist
Ella Belilovskaya 
Ritsuko Micky Kubo 
Jamie Narushchen 
Daniel Sullivan 
Galina Umanskaya 
Billy Wolfe

Dance In Schools and Communities Teaching Artists
Cynthia Pepper
Phoenicia Pettyjohn
Joti Singh
Maura Whelehan

Dance In Schools and Communities Accompanists
David Frazier
Zeke Nealy
Wade Peterson
Bongo Sidibe

Andrea Yannone, Director of Education and Training
Christina Gray Rutter, Assistant Administrative Director
Katelyn Harris, Operations Manager
Jasmine Yep Huynh, Manager of Youth Programs and Teacher Support
Elizabeth Roddy, School Programs Coordinator
Jennifer Bakane, School Registrar and Summer Session Coordinator
Cecelia Beam, Adult Education Seminar Coordinator
Tai Vogel, Administrative Associate, Education and Training
Nicole Sikora, Education Assistant
Charlie Schnitzer, School Assistant
Elizabeth Ian, Residence Assistant
Nicholas Seibel,  Residence Assistant
Justin Butac, Residence Desk Staff
Leslie Donohue, School Physical Therapist
Chris Fitzsimons, School Physical Therapist

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