Observations and Evaluations

Class Observation

The School and the San Francisco Ballet building are closed to visitors; however, once a year, parents/guardians are invited into the studio to observe class. This is an opportunity to experience ballet class from start to finish: barre and centre. This observation is NOT open to the public (friends, etc.), but is for parents/guardians to observe their student's progress.

Level 1 observation classes will be held in December.  Level 2-8 Observations classes will be held in January.  Parents may not observe class at other times, as it is a distraction to the students, especially in the lower levels.

Cameras and video equipment are NOT permitted in the studios during observations.

Student Evaluations

Every student in Levels 1 through 8 receives two written evaluations per year.  The evaluations will include information on the student’s technical development, attendance and deportment. In addition, each student will have one conference with his or her primary teacher and the student’s parent/guardian.

Level 4 Girls and Boys mark the end of the of the beginner’s division.  At this point, commitment, focus and discipline have been demonstrated.  Students who are invited to continue in the School must meet the minimum standards regarding pointe work (for girls) and strength.  The student’s feet, flexibility, turnout at the hips, structure and proportions are also taken into consideration, as these physical attributes are generally considered requisite for professional accomplishment in classical ballet.

Levels 5 – 6 Girls and Boys are the intermediate levels of our School.  Students who are invited to move on to Levels 7 and 8, our advanced levels, are those whom we feel may have the potential for a career in classical ballet.  These students are evaluated for talent, technical development, and artistic merit.

Students of the San Francisco Ballet School (© Erik Tomasson)

Students of the San Francisco Ballet School (© Erik Tomasson)

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Background Photo Credit: San Francisco Ballet students (© Erik Tomasson)

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